shinning beams into the darkness

the deep unknown no place for the heartless

drums playing as we march in into a new world a
new day a new shark fin

feel it in your spine a new day coming stay
jumping rebel soldiers with they're AK stumping

they taking all are rights and we say nothing?
do we value human life or justa waste of.....?

heart beat elevation, levitation, no hesitation so far from basic

this flow was created from not waiting see a
good chance you can bet i take it

Alot of things could be worse so i gotta keep moving
forward in a break of hearse

before the world burst like a firework try to find the
truth and be the best..
surviving through the very worst

open your eyes and see the fire burn
pure passion, infinite, everlasting

imagine stars crashing into planets aliens scanning
asking how we have
what we need yeah they still family

for this test theirs no cramming
only shifts sink away your mind im pass
getting left behind we all tryna stay
alive creating thrive get it right just
hold on and enjoy the ride.....

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